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The Institute of Holistic Health Careers (IHHC) was founded in 1996, and has always been committed to educating and training students with the highest quality standards in Holistic and Integrative Health Education. IHHC provides flexible class schedules and online programs from our qualified faculty. Cutting edge programs are offered for energetic bodywork, nutrition & detox,

herbal education, aromatherapy, sound therapy, relaxation message, and Reiki education. IHHC provides a positive educational setting that honors learning and student diversity.  The Institute of Holistic Health Careers is the perfect choice for those seeking a natural approach to mind, body, and spirit education.


More than 25 different courses available including Diploma, Certificate & Continuing Education programs.



This is a self-driven online training program designed to train students in their holistic health careers.



IHHC developed the CWP to increase the awareness and use of holistic approaches to the community.



Plans for Our Re-Launch

Come capture the energy and buzz of our re-launch plans scheduled for midsummer. The Institute for Holistic Health Careers has been very busy doing a complete overhaul. NEW Website, NEW Material, NEW Platform, NEW Courses, [...]


Bodywork for the Mind

Fighting stress means taking care and taking charge. The mind and body respond to each other in remarkable ways. Emotional states can alter responses in the immune system, organs, glands and cells that will physically [...]


The Institute of Holistic Health Careers is approved by the State of Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools ( Req #2091) and is authorized to teach a variety of Diploma Programs, Certificate Programs as well as Online and Distance Education Programs. Our Columbus Campus is a Learning Center under the Institute of Holistic Health Careers also approved by the State of Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools.
The mission of The Institute of Holistic Health Careers is to provide a secure educational environment with a progressive and accredited curriculum that prepares proficient, professional, and expert practitioners in the field of Holistic Health, Community Wellness and Preventive Healthcare.
The school’s talented and qualified faculty includes PhD’s, and specialists in numerous modalities. These accomplished individuals strive to make sure students become skilled practitioners. It is a testament to this dedication that the school has a 98% graduation rate.
The school has an affordable program as well as offering payment plans to fit any budget. The weekend schedule makes it convenient for those who work full time or who have other weekday obligations, and the flexibility of the course schedule makes it possible for students to begin training when they are ready; no waiting for a semester or school year to begin!


I always look forward to attending class and there is a great mix of theory, application and interaction. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and are truly committed to helping their students understand and succeed. The school has created many opportunities to practice, network and develop additional skills which have been invaluable in increasing my confidence as a practitioner.
K. Varn
Being a part of Great Lakes School has been a transforming experience. It has given me a sense of community that is endlessly helpful in my path of not only helping others but also helping myself.
- Megan D.
Good gathering of different fields, education, occupations, people in different levels and being their like but different consciousness together to learn and teach. - anonymous
Falling in love with Polarity Bioenergetic again! Learning language to bridge the health benefits in non-medical,empowering terms to educate clients and public on Healing, Education, Actions, Language, Technique, Here-now-and forever (HEALTH). - Pam C.
On Our BioEnergtic Health Professional Course:
Loved experiencing all the systems. Great community building experience and great organization of program! - Johnny H.
I have always had a desire to help others heal themselves. The science behind the modalities has helped me ground into this gift. Being able to speak about the science of healing will ultimately help me explain to clients what is happening in layman terms. - Sharon G.
The BHP education has led me now to understand the quantum world. The new science of Information as to how humans and animals can experience a new way of being! A safe way, with no side effects and so many ways to bring a self-help approach to being well. The BHP / NES information is PRICELESS! It has given me a new view from the inside out. - Carol M.
On our BioEnergetic Health Professional course:
This course really opened my mind to POSSIBILITY!! It opened my eyes to the many ways that our lives can be improved with changes in behavior, and thought processes. It also made me aware of the numerous non-invasive devices and technologies that are able to balance and ground us. Everything presented is focused on wellness and prevention.
On our BioEnergetic Health Professional Course:
It was wonderful, the people are open and informative. When we learn we open our field. So important to be in the right place at the right time! - Steve L. (Canada)
Early into the course I knew that it was a good idea for me to be in the class. The advanced information about the energy field has been fascinating and exciting to learn. - Sue A.


The Institute of Holistic Health Careers offers several diverse courses for holistic health careers. Now is the time to get involved!